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FAQ – de vanligaste frågorna om nya casinon

To select online casino


Which online casino should I choose?

Compared to just a few years ago when you needed to visit a land based casino to play slots and other casino games you can now reach a huge range of casinos online. Choosing the right in the gaming market can therefore be felt as a challenge. There is no casino that is right for everyone, it simply varies from person to person. In fact, many casinos specialize in different areas, and the best casino for you, then, becomes an online casino that focuses on what you like. Fortunately, the vast majority of casinos have demo versions of many of their games, which means you can test games at a number of casinos before deciding.


Why should I choose a new casino?

Many ask why they should choose to play at new casinos, as they are expected to have less experience than the giants of the market. But, it’s just the experience that makes a new casino a great choice. Virtually all new casinos emerge based on people who previously worked in high positions and for a long time in the older gaming companies. This means that at a new casino you will meet with innovation and innovation combined with experience, which can bring your gaming experience to new heights. Since new casinos obviously want to attract players, you’ll meet new casinos with awesome bonuses and lots of free spins, making it all the more enjoyable!


Why should I choose a Swedish casino?

Even though foreign online casinos can be really good too, there are a lot of advantages to choosing a Swedish casino. For example, the page and games are available in Swedish, which can make it easier for you to understand the games, but also when it comes to understanding bonuses and terms. Customer support is also available in Swedish, which feels safe. Another advantage of a Swedish online casino is that you can make deposits and payments in Swedish currency, which means that you do not release exchange rates that affect the amounts.


What does it matter for where the casino’s license has been issued?

Where the game license is issued affects whether and how much tax you will pay on the winnings you make while playing. Almost all Swedish online casinos have their spell license issued in Malta, which means you do not have to pay anything on your winnings. This makes all your winnings tax-free and you get the maximum amount at withdrawal. You can read more about the profit tax on online casinos here.


Playing at the casino online


Which casino games are them most fun and exciting?

Of course, that depends entirely on what you are looking for. If you are looking for that real casino feeling, then it’s probably the games in the live casino where you play against a real dealer over the live stream the kind of game you consider to be funniest. If you are a fan of a particular movie or series, then you might rather play a slot machine that follows that particular theme. We recommend that you try to play the demo versions of the various games you are interested in to see which game you think is fun and exciting. Probably you will find several pieces that will be great favorites.


What do I need to keep in mind when I’m going to play casino online?


We have listed ten points that we consider to be important to keep in mind when playing at the casino online:

  1. We recommend that you choose to play at a casino located in the UK / EU, since you can feel confident that the casino is a serious player because they have requirements and laws to follow. Most of the Swedish online casinos are located in Malta and are thus subject to EU rules.
  2. Check out where the casino has its game license so you know about and if so, how much tax you have to deduct from your winnings.
  3. Check out the online games of the online casinos you are interested in and choose the one that has the most variants of the type of game you prefer to play.
  4. If you like to play with bonuses , check out the casino’s promotion page before signing up. Is there just one welcome offer or do there appear to be promotions for you even when you are a member?
  5. Keep in mind that it does not always pays to play with a bonus. Check out what sales requirements apply so you will not be disappointed when you can not take out your money as soon as you thought.
  6. Check in at our customer service center. How are opening hours and how do you reach the support? Make sure you feel that the help is available in the way you feel safe.
  7. You may want to check out the payment options available at the online casino before signing up. Make sure that the option (s) you are comfortable with are possible to use.
  8. Some players prefer some game providers over others. If you are one of them, you can see at the most online casinos what providers they already use on the homepage.
  9. Playing at casino in the mobile phone is constantly becoming more and more popular. If you want to be able to play at the casino whenever and wherever you want, read about how well-developed mobile casinos are on the page you are interested in. Maybe they even have an app you can use?
  10. Something that is important to remember when playing at the casino online is that it’s about losing. Spelandet is about having fun, not about making money. As well as winning 10 times in a row, you can lose ten times today. Be sure to never play for more money than you can afford to do. Casinos are by chance and you are never guaranteed a certain outcome.


What is a progressive jackpot?

A progressive jackpot increases in value, the more players play without winning. Most often, a fixed amount is added for each non-profit player but there are also the progressive jackpots that collect all the money players bet. Progressive jackpots often apply to a specific machine. However, some online casinos combine the jackpot with several of their slot machines and some slot machines merge the jackpot at several online casinos, which can result in a huge jackpot for those who win.


Which casino game do you win the most?

Although casino games are about chance, likelihood and luck, there are opportunities for you to increase your chances to win. If you are good at a particular game and play against a real dealer in a live casino, you may be able to figure out what the next card might be like and increase your chances. Another option when it comes to affecting your potential for profit is to check the payout percentage. The payout percentage shows how big a percentage of it, like a slot, returns to the players from the revenue it makes. However, keep in mind that the payment rate is based on statistics and does not provide an exact calculation for each case. If the payout percentage is 98%, 98% of the players will win without 98% chance of winning a winning combination. All games on the online casinos are controlled by a random generator for the games to be fair,


Free spins and bonuses


What are free spins and how do they work?

Free spins are free bets on slot machines. However, these free rounds still give you the opportunity to win real money. Often you get a whole lot of free spins in the welcome bonus that online casinos offer you when you open a new account. Other names of free spins that occur at different online casinos are free spin, free spins, spins, spin, free rounds, free runs, free spin, re-spins and freespins.

Free spins & bonus


What is a turnover requirement and what does it mean?

A turnover requirement means that you need to sell a bonus, a win and / or a deposit a certain number of times before you can withdraw money from your game account. The vast majority of casino bonuses come with a turnover requirement. Usually the turnover requirement is 20-40 times. Although it may feel flawed with sales requirements for you as an individual player, it’s actually quite obvious that they exist. If the requirement for sales had not been successful, you could have deposited a sum, collect bonus money and then withdraw them immediately. This would mean that the casino went back only. When you look at it, it would be really strange if the turnover requirement was not available.


What is a deposit bonus?

A deposit bonus is a bonus you receive when you deposit money into your game account. The deposit bonus can either consist of a fixed amount or a percentage. The most common bonus is 100%, and then called the match bonus, but there are online casinos that offer higher percentages than that. If you use a 100% deposit bonus, it means that if you deposit $ 100, you receive $ 200 in your account to play for. Often, a deposit bonus comes with a maximum, which means that you can get a maximum of a certain amount of bonus money.


How do I find my free spins and bonuses?

In most cases, you need to activate your bonus yourself, often you can do it under a tab called something like “My Bonuses”. The reason you need to activate your bonus is that all players do not want to play with bonus, but only with real money. Therefore, you will be given the option to choose whether or not to participate in the offer.


Why do not everyone want to play with bonus?

Some choose to play without a bonus because they do not want any turnover requirements. A bonus comes as you probably understood in the vast majority of cases with a turnover requirement, as we explained earlier, it otherwise meant that the casino only gave away money. However, some players may prefer to deposit bigger sums themselves, instead of using a bonus, to then be able to pick out any winnings directly.


What is a bonus hunter?

A bonus hunter is a person who is good at finding and utilizing casino bonuses and thus earning huge sums of money. You can read more about bonus hunters here.  Bonus hunting is nothing appreciated by online casinos, as they, like the vast majority of companies, want to make money. Therefore, it is becoming increasingly difficult to use casino bonuses in the same way as before.


Deposits and payments


What payment method should I choose?


When transferring money from your bank account to your game account, or on the contrary, you have a choice of payment options to choose from . The vast majority of online casinos offer traditional payment methods such as bank transfer and bank and credit cards. When you play well-known casinos, you can count on the safe and secure use of traditional payment methods. If you play on a casino you have not heard so much, it is important to check that they encrypt the card information you provide so that no third party can access it. However, many people prefer to use cards because it means unbeatable fast transactions.


As some do not feel comfortable with issuing their bank and card data, a number of modern payment methods have emerged. Examples of such are e-wallets, value checks and other types of intermediaries. A favorite among players is Trustly, as you can read about here . What characterizes the modern payment methods is that you do not have to give your personal bank or card details to the game page. However, it takes longer to get the money between your accounts just because they then go through an intermediary.


Why can not I take out my money?

The most common reason that you can not withdraw the money you have in your game account is because you did not meet the required sales requirements. If you used a bonus, the probability is very high that you have to convert the bonus and sometimes even the win and deposit you made in connection with the bonus a certain number of times before you can withdraw your money. Be sure to check what applies to deposits, bonuses and winnings when you play to not be disappointed when you can not take out your money.


Responsible gambling


What is a fun game budget?

A proper gaming budget, of course, varies from wallet to wallet. But a basic rule to go after is never to play for more than you can afford to lose. However, it may be good to think about how your situation looks and set a clear limit to yourself immediately when you start playing at the casino online. That way, you create good opportunities to maintain a healthy gaming experience. Here you can read more about how to keep track of your gambling.


Can I use the online casino to set limits?

Yes you can. The vast majority of licensed online casinos offer the opportunity to set both time and deposit limits. Usually you need to contact the support to set these limits. It’s a good way to prevent your gaming from crossing the border.